Guardians/Parents with Adult Chldren Living with Autism.

What to ask before the transition, high school to living in a new community or group home.

Prevention and services available to surviviors? for non-verbal adults.

Where to participate in community events to raise awareness about sexual abuse against those who can not speak for themselves.

Be tested for STD even when your told your Adult child is not sexually active.(highly reommended >get tested)
Ask questions and research before placement. Who advocates for survivors and co-survivors

shinning the light

Shinning The Light

The Shinning The Light is to shine light on sexual assault abuse and rape in the autism spectrum those who are unable to speak or tell and also to bring awareness it is happening many parents really never look at that it's not the sane as Light it Up Blue even though I am truly advocate for Autism Awareness every year.

Download The PDF Flyer

To find out more and help you can download the pdf flyer and read it or print it out and spread it around.