About Asia

MommaSpeaks4Me is a Tribute for Asia J. Robinson who is a Survivor of Sexual Abuse and living with Autism.


I often wonder if the man who raped my autistic daughter reviews this web page or any other ASIA (Autistic Sexual Involuntary Abuse) websites. So many people write me and say how much they love Mommaspeaks4me organization and what it stands for. Our goal is to bring about awareness to the injustice of what had happened and continue to happen to non-verbal adults living with autism.

What type of person could rape someone who has no understanding of what the word "RAPE" entails, what is physically happening at the time and the pain following the attack. You would think that not being able to "tell it”, verbalize your hurt, pain and anger would be the worst thing ever! I personally feel not removing the rapist from taking care of such vulnerable clients and placing the perpetrator in another autistic residential setting is the worst decision someone can make. It’s the same as handing another over to ASIA!

There is NO cure for this type of behavior so I am not looking for "A CURE". I am looking for those who will stand with Mommaspeaks4me and share their outcome of what has happened to loved one(s)so that we can bring forth "AWARENESS". Many ask why I started this program. My heart’s desire was to personally attack the rapist and bring bodily harm. But I needed to be free to SPEAK for my daughter. I was a parent in fear of ending up in prison for assault. It was pain-stacking to maintain my sanity and not carry out plans of revenge. It was so hard to be about in public and see anyone who looked similar to the man who raped my daughter without running up on him to harm him without thinking. This is how quickly you can snap when your loved one has been violated. So I decided that day to take a stand for Asia, my daughter and non-verbal ASIA (Autistic Sexual Involuntary Abuse).

While passing by autistic people, I often wonder if they have been sexually abused and if so what has been done about it. When I began my research, it was shocking to read so many other documented ASIA cases!

I knew that I had to turn the fear, anger and hatred towards the rapist to advocating for our kids/adults living with autism. I also knew that my new purpose in life is to be a voice for those unable to "SPEAK" for themselves. That is what I tell others; use your energy to advocate. Built up anger will only harm yourself. You can and will reach many who have been looking for someone like yourself, who will join hands and take a stand to shout from the roof tops to protect their loved ones. When this AWARENESS spreads globally, we will no longer have to beg policy holders to protect ASIA victims because a new law will be mandated!

As a people we have so much power to make things happen just by "SPEAKING". Enough is Enough and I will take my last breath speaking for my daughter and so many other non-verbal victims.

I thank each and everyone who has shown their support and continue to believe in Mommaspeaks4me. Hugs and encouragement makes me feel good. It’s a wonderful feeling when I go to my daughter and tell her “honey, people who don't even know you are standing up for you and many others” and then she smiles! This speaks volume in my heart! Thank You! We can complete this mission!